Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Man On Fire

You know how sometimes you just have a feeling it's gonna be a good night.  Well last night as the little kids and I rolled out of the driveway headed to the football game and We Will Rock you came on the radio....we knew it was gonna be a good night.  Nick and Dallas were stompin' and clapping.  Carter was kicking the back of my seat to the beat and I was letting him.  Oh hell yeah it was gonna be a good night.  My Matt was on fire!  Defense, offense, kickoff return...he played them all..and he played them well.  He tackled the running back and got his name called over the loud speaker!!  Huge moment for me!  I will say my favorite moment was when AC/DC's Long Way To The Top was being blared over the speakers and I looked over to see Carter rocking an air guitar with no abandon.  What a fine night indeed!

Coming back from the "food stand" as Carter calls it.

The Golden Child

In motion

Dog pile.

Air guitar from the back.

See the big guy with the ball headed right for #3.

Ooh, look..he's getting closer..but I think I threw my camera down after this!

Matt pushing around a small fry.

Evenly matched this time.

Trying to get that running back again.

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